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Contractors Professional Liability Insurance

Typically for design professionals, architects, web designers, and more, contractors professional liability insurance (CPLI) protects from claims of negligent errors or omissions which occur while undertaking a professional service. CPLI is becoming increasingly useful for those who take on designing and building.

Commercial General Liability policies covers one for bodily injury and/or property damage due to their work, but not economic or financial losses. As the majority of all claims against design professionals are for economic damages, CGL coverage does not replace lost income or profits.

CPLI protects contractors from errors or omissions occurring while performing a professional service. Examples of situations in which a CPLI claim may arise include:

  • Design Defects
  • Structural Flaws leading to interruptions in business
  • Impropers installations leading to lost revenues

CPLI policies can be created which include specific types of work done by the design professional, or a policy can be made broader through the utilization of a list of activities which the policy covers.

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